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Xiaomi Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Meet the unmatched cleaning mastery of S8 MaxV Ultra. Conquer challenging areas with the advanced corner-to-edge cleaning technology. Dive into next-level convenience with the enhanced RockDock Ultra, Reactive Ai 2.0 Obstacle Recognition & built-in intelligent voice assistant. The S8 MaxV Ultra establishes a new standard for your immaculate home.

S8 MaxV Ultra - cleaning beyound limits. TUV SUD proved bacteria elimination by removal of physical stains on surface. Reactive AI 2.0, advanced object recognition for faster, more precise edge-to-corner cleaning.

- Reactive AI, RGB camera, see, identify, recognise home object, smarter / faster navigation

- Corner-to-edge cleaning technology, FlexiArm Side Brush + Extra Edge Mopping System

- Conquer challenging cleaning area such as wall edge, chair leg, cabinet corner, shoe shelf

- Dual riser brush, two spinning brush spin in reverse direction to pick up hair/tiny particles instantly

- Prevent hair tangling around roller brush, ease of removing to clean and wash

- Dual riser brush auto-lift up to adapt to carpet / floor surface curvature for better suction and carpet climbing

- VibraRise 3.0 mopping system, scrub floor surface stain 4000 times per min, optimised for hard floor surface mopping such as marble, wood, tile

- Ultimate eas with all-in-one upgraded dock, Hot Water Washing + Dirty Detection + Re-wash System + Auto Detergent System

- Voice assistant, "HELLO ROCKY", voice command, ease of control for elderly people

- FlexiArm technology, automatically extend side brush to sweep corner, furniture edge area, pick up hair

- 10,000 Pa extrme suction + Carpet Boost System, optimised vacuum fan power to pull out tiny particles, dust mites hidding deeply inside carpet

- Liftable dual roller + liftable anti-bacterial mop, user has flexibility to define re-mop / no mop / no vacuum area

- 3D mapping to bettre visualize floor map, so to faster schedule cleaning routine - Support 4 multi-level maps, automatically identify and select floor map by scanning surrounding area

- Real-time video call, see your beloved pets via front AI camera