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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for him and her!

As soon as we feel relieved that all the over thinking on what to buy as a Christmas present for that special someone…… Valentine’s Day pop up and you are back to the overthinking of what to buy! We are here to help you, to inspire your thoughts and to IMPRESS your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Forget about the socks, undies and perfumes we are sure that they got plenty of those last Christmas! Here are some cool gifts for him and her!  

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Dyson Cyclone V10 Review

This amazing cordless vacuum cleaner is so good, that the company decided so no longer produce new corded vacuums. Doesn’t have super accessible price , but probably is the best vacuum Dyson has ever made!!! The right power when you need it. Three efficient modes for any task on any floor. Easily remove dust, pollen and bacteria. Designed to absorb vibrations to keep sound levels down. Battery lasts up to 60 minutes you’ll easily be able to get a good cleaning session for a healthy living environment. Dyson V10, really makes vacuuming quite enjoyable because it’s so quick and easy to use. Even if you only use it on the lowest setting, cleans remarkably effectively for a cordless vacuum. It does a...

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Which wet and dry Robot is the best in the market?

The Roborock S50 has been voted the best in the market! 🗣 Here are 12 reasons why it is the best than any other wet and dry robot cleaners?   ---  Big house? No problem the Xiaomi Roborock S50 provides up to 150 minutes of working power, you do not need to worry that your robot is going to stop, out of battery, in the middle of a cleaning cycle. It has the longest-lasting battery life, only the Xiaomi 1S, Mi Robot, Roborock Xiaowa E3 work for up to 150 minutes.  --- Recharge & Resume. Only high-end robots resume cleaning after recharging. It makes the robot cover even more cleaning area in one cleaning cycle. --- It has the strongest suction power. A...

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