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Queen Mattress - Luxury Memory Foam

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The SOLAR mattress is for the most demanding people with the quality of their mattresses.

Its high-end characteristics make this model one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market.

In fact, its complex composition is designed to provide a very noticeable relaxation of muscle tensions and spasms.

With its 30CM thickness, it provides excellent support to the spinal cord, and it adapts perfectly for people with back pains.

A multilayer system to give you the ideal comfort, even for the most demanding people.

High-end mattress, thanks to the integration of all the latest technologies from COSMOS Bedding.


A technique to combine HQ materials to provide superior flexibility and adaptability. A FlexiMax HQ polyurethane foam core (23 to 38kg/m3) combined with high-density latex (70kg/m3) integrated to the wrapping of the mattress. Offer a long-lasting support and it's perfectly balanced for your back. This technological innovation has been developed by COSMOS engineers, it will limit the painful pressure points and it will help to alleviate numbness when waking

The Visco V90 is a new generation viscoelastic. It has the property of adapting to the ambient temperature even when it is lower.

It is one of the few high-end mattresses that has high-density memory foam on both sides, the summer and winter ones.

The last innovation in the world of bedding, the superior quality FlexiMax polyurethane foam, it's offered for people that seek a firm and invigorating support when they sleep.

A State-of-the-art material, Visco V200 viscoelastic is denser than traditional memory foams, improves blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation for a more serene awakening.

Why choose this model?

7 Confort Zones

Thanks to its structure with 7 different zones, this mattress will offer you a soft reception and a firm support for every part of your body.

Independent Surfaces

The independence of beds will allow you and your partner to move and change positions during the night without causing discomfort.

Reversible Mattress

The Solar model is reversible, on both sides and from head to toe, to better take advantage of its properties.

Double Sided Winter/Summer

This mattress has two differentiated surfaces adapted for each season. One side covered with a thick and warm fabric for the winter, and another side covered with a breathable 3D fabric for the summer.

OPTIMAL quality certified

Oeko-Tex® Certified

The fabrics used in the manufacture of Cosmos® Bedding mattresses are all certified free of toxic substances by Oeko-Tex®

Hypoallergenic Treatment

All the materials used in the manufacture of Cosmos® Bedding products have been subjected to hypoallergenic, anti-mite and antibacterial treatments.

Air Fresh System

Equipped with the Air Fresh system that allows perfect air circulation between all the fabrics and avoids the concentration of humidity in the mattress.


main color White
Models Extremely durable - quality design.
Number of places 2 seats
Certifications and standards Oeko-tex® certified: Guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances
Care advice Do not wash your mattress with water; in general, we must avoid wetting the foam.
You can generously sprinkle the mattress with baking soda (adding a few
drops of aromatic essence if you wish), let stand 2 hours. Gently
vacuum the entire surface of the mattress (with a clean nozzle) to remove the baking soda.
This will gently clean its surface, while absorbing excess accumulated moisture.
Range COSMIC RANGE 100% Quality - Satisfaction Guaranteed
Product Description . Multilayer system mattress with high density Visco shape memory.
. Sleeping independence. 7 areas. Firm, comfortable support. Ergonomic foam for better
. Maximum hygiene system AIRFRESH SYSTEM self-ventilation and temperature regulation.
. Extremely durable with quality design.
. Made 100% Quality- Satisfaction.
. 3D FRESH side band for optimal ventilation.
. Quality system. Oeko-tex certified, tested against harmful substances.
. NATURALEX 10-YEAR warranty.
Product information
Removable No
Type of mattress Memory
Coating - ticking Thick extra soft DELUXE stretch fabric: more comfort - superior quality
Protective treatment Antiperspirant
Support areas Extra Comfort Mattress: 7 support zones SUPERIOR ADAPTABILITY
Support Firm
Very firm
Mattress thickness 30cm
Type of foam Memory
foam High Resilience (HR)
foam Polyurethane foam
Homepage Tonic - Firm
Summer / winter side Yes
Sleeping independence excellent
Sensitive points Heavy legs
Back pain
Light sleep
Filling Mousse
Mattress delivered rolled compressed Yes
Delivered rolled Yes


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