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Pack Memory Foam Mattress - Original + Pillow - Soft Support - Hypoallergenic

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Sleep better thanks to the perfect combination of flexibility and support. What's better than the recommendation of a loved one when you're hesitating between 2 products. With this mattress, there are quite simply millions of French people who recommend it to you !

You will find all the comfort of a firm mattress and balanced support thanks to its manufacturing design and use of high-quality materials, such as high density and viscoelastic foam, which offers 11 comfort zones that provide optimum rest. 

4 layers, for 4 times more comfort!

1- The Ultra-Dry cover: It is hypoallergenic and can be removed for machine washing. In addition, the cover of the Original Plus mattress is thermoregulating, for an even more refreshing sleep!

2- Airgocell® foam provides the comfort of a hug: A real Emma innovation, which also dissipates heat.

3- Memory foam aligns the spine: Ideal for uninterrupted sleep thanks to evenly distributed pressure. And which adapts to everyone's body!

4- HRX® foam limits back pain: Designed to last for years, it will provide you with the necessary support throughout the night. Your mattress will also absorb your movements so that they do not disrupt your sleep. All that remains is for us to wish you a good night!