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Dyson V8 Total Clean

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Original price €549,00
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Dyson V8 Total Clean - Cleaner Version 2022


  • Floors, walls and ceiling

  • Autonomy 40 minutes

  • Capacity 0.54 liter

  • Unlimited radius of action

  • Power from 22 to 115 Airwatts

  • Dyson V8 digital motor

  • Engine outlet filter for cleaner air

  • Hygienically ejects dust

  • Soft roller brush - Motorized brush - Wall station - Charger

  • Adapter for base units - Combined accessory - Long nozzle

Freed from wires, freed from constraints with the DYSON V8 Total Clean cordless vacuum cleaner.

Dyson V8 cordless vacuums don't just vacuum floors. They switch quickly and easily from broom mode to hand vacuum mode to clean up high, on the floor, and every other surface in between.

It gives you 5 minutes of increased suction power for the toughest jobs and up to 40 minutes of run time in normal mode .

The Dyson V8 Total Clean digital motor spins 110,000 rpm for powerful suction on carpets and hard floors. 1 5 "2 Tier Radial" cyclones ,divided into two rows, operate in parallel to increase airflow and capture fine dust.
State -of-the -art filtration captures allergens and expels clean air.
You can eject the dust from the collector with a single movement .

The Dyson V8 Total Clean is equipped with many accessories:
soft roller brush with soft nil strips to capture large debris while maintaining a good seal with the floor and anti-static carbon fibers to remove fine dust ,
- Motobar brush that effectively removes dust from carpets and rugs,
- combined accessory: wide duct for crumbs and large particles and brush for dust,
- wall-mounted charging station and its charger,
- adapter for low furniture so you don't have to bend down
- long nozzle
 for cleaning confined areas.

Balanced and versatile , the center of gravity is located near the handle. Whether vacuuming cobwebs or dusting lampshades, its lightweight, wrist-focused design allows for easy overhead cleaning.

Its acoustic design helps to absorb vibrations and reduce the sound level.

What's included?

- Motorbar
- Brush Soft roller brush Combo
- Accessory Base unit
- Adapter
- Long crevice tool
- Wall charging station
- Charger


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