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Dyson V11 Absolute Extra

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Dyson V11™ Absolute Extra cord-free vacuum cleaner 

The Dyson V11™ Absolute Extra is the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market². Its Motorbar™ brush quickly sucks up pet hair, automatically disentangling it. It cleans carpets thoroughly and removes dust and debris from hard floors. Its new self-detangling motorized mini brush allows you to vacuum and detangle hair and hair on your small surfaces such as your sofa and your pet's basket. Its screen displays performance and remaining battery life. It also allows you to adjust the cleaning power modes (Eco, Med or Boost). Its one-click detachable battery lets you easily swap it out for up to 120 minutes of playtime¹.

Powerful, smart whole-home cleaning.

  • With a Motorbar ™ brush  that automatically sucks and untangles hair and an additional filter included .
  • Equipped with an LCD screen, the device displays what is vacuumed in real time as well as performance and autonomy ²  .
  • Equipped with a filter for filtration of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Up to 60 minutes of battery life in Eco mode¹.

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