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Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Formaldehyde purifying fan heater HP09

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Dyson Purifier 3 in 1 Hot+Cool™ Formaldehyde purifying fan heater

Captures dust, allergens and viruses, including COVID-19 virus. Even destroys formaldehyde.

Removes 99.95% of pollutants as small as 0.1 microns.

Our latest purifier detects and destroys formaldehyde, continuously

It combines a precise solid-state formaldehyde sensor with a unique catalytic filter that continuously destroys formaldehyde. HEPA H13 and activated carbon filters also capture dust, allergens, gases³, and other ultrafine pollutants. And Dyson purifiers have powerful Air Multiplier™ technology to purify the whole room.

Senses and reports, automatically

Integrated sensors constantly analyze your air, while our unique algorithm cross-checks data every second. It diagnoses pollutants at a molecular level, displaying live results on the LCD.

Captures gases and ultrafine particles

The HEPA H13 filter captures 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns.² A layer of activated carbon also removes odours and gases including VOCs.

Destroys formaldehyde, continuously

The Dyson catalytic filter continuously traps and breaks down formaldehyde¹ molecules into water and CO₂. And it never needs replacing.

Purifies the whole room

Only Dyson purifiers have Air Multiplier™ technology. It generates the circulation power to draw even distant pollutants into the machine, projecting purified air throughout the room.

Fully sealed to HEPA H13

In our latest purifiers, it's not just the filter that meets HEPA H13 standard, it's the whole machine.⁵ So what goes inside, stays inside.

Precisely detects formaldehyde

Our latest purifiers use a solid-state sensor to detect formaldehyde molecules – 500 times smaller than 0.1 microns. Maintains precision for the lifetime of the machine.

Heating your whole home can be unnecessary

Dyson heater purifiers provide long-range and whole-room even heating solutions in winter, so you don’t have to heat your whole home. Dyson heater purifiers have an intelligent thermostat, so it stops heating once the correct temperature is reached and energy isn’t wasted.


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