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Dyson Gen5detect™ Absolute

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Latest and most powerful HEPA cordless vacuum

  • Additional accessory included: base unit adapter.
  • With an accessory integrated into the tube, to transform in one click into a handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • 262AW of suction power.
  • Captures 99.99% of unwanted particles, even viruses².
  • Reveals 2x more invisible dust.
  • Equipped with a piezo sensor that counts and analyzes particles in real-time, and an LCD screen that shows what has been sucked up.
  • Automatically adapts the suction power.
  • Up to 70 minutes of battery life.

New one-button power control

Just press a button to get energy, without having to pull the trigger.

Digital Motorbar™ brush with self-detangling technology

Effectively vacuums dust and hair on all types of floors. The self-detangling comb automatically removes hair from the brush.

Deep cleaning of the whole house

Dyson cordless technology is versatile - for cleaning all types of floors, hard-to-reach places, mattresses, sofas, and stairs.

Up to 70 minutes of battery life

Advanced 10-cell battery delivers Dyson's longest runtime for a cord-free vacuum, sleep mode maximizes battery life.

Technical characteristics

  • Autonomy Up to 70 min

  • Filtered HEPA filtration

  • Weight 3.5 kg

  • Loading time 4.5 hours

  • Collector capacity 0.77 I

  •  262 AW

  • Cyclone technology 14 cyclones

  • Height 1,276 mm

  • Length 276 mm

  • Width 250 mm


- Optic Fluffy Brush

- Digital Motorbar Brush

- Tube with long nozzle 2 - in - 1

- Self - detangling mini motorized brush

- Combined accessory 

- Charger 

- Charging wall station 

- Adapter for base units


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