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DYSON Cinetic Big Ball Absolute 2

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  • New pneumatic brush that adjusts to all floors
  • The only vacuum with no filter to wash or replace
  • The only vacuum that recovers when it tips over
  • Hygienically ejects dust
  • Many accessories

DYSON 's new Cinetic Big Ball Absolute 2 is the only maintenance-free vacuum cleaner with no loss of suction. Dust separation is so effective that there is no need to wash or replace the filter .

This vacuum doesn't lose suction thanks to the 36 Dyson Cinetic cones: they separate the microscopic dust that clogs other vacuums and without losing suction. Dust separation is so effective that there is no need to wash or replace the filter .

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is the only canister vacuum that's ready to right itself when it tips over .

Plus, you no longer need to buy vacuum cleaner bags. Now you can hygienically eject dust and debris at the touch of a button.

The Dyson cinetic Big ball absolute 2 bagless vacuum cleaner has the new pneumatic brush that self-adjusts to all floors.

Many other accessories allow this vacuum cleaner to adapt to all your needs:
-The new rotating brush with anti-static carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust on hard floors. Stiff nylon bristles pick up dust embedded in carpets and rugs.
-The articulated hard floor brush is ideal for hard floors. It swivels 180° to clean in hard-to-reach places.
-The self-detangling brush has two oppositely rotating heads that remove hair, hair, fibers and dust without the risk of tangling.
-The all-purpose brush stretches and articulates to vacuum in every corner.

Main Features:

Type: Without Bag
Use: With wire
Energy efficiency class:HAS
Annual energy consumption (in kWh/year):28
Filtration quality class:HAS
Sound level (in dB):80
Repairability index:7.8
Dust Collection Performance Class (Carpets/Hard Floors):C/B
Maximum power (in W):700
Telescopic tube:Yes
Capacity (in l):0.8
HEPA filter:Nope
Color :Gray and red
Net weight (in Kg):7.886
Range : Cinetic Big Ball

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