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Dreame L10s Pro 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • [Advanced Technology] DreameBot L10s Pro is a perfect combination of the most popular robotic cleaning technologies, a fully robot vacuum cleaner that vacuums and cleans floors. This cutting-edge model features advanced, customizable navigation with obstacle detection.
  • [Total Cleaning] Powerful suction and washing and a minimalist charging base save space without compromising cleanliness. Dreame robot vacuum mop reaches deep and powerfully suctions to remove hair, dirt, dust and debris for optimal carpet cleaning. Perfect especially for families with pets. Two durable scrubbing cloths spin at high speed to remove stubborn stains. The removable 190 ml water tank ensures complete and convenient cleaning of hard surfaces.
  • [Strong Suction, Deep Cleaning] Dreame L10s Pro robot vacuum cleaner removes dirt with 5300Pa powerful suction and dual high pressure rotating brushes. The smart brush design lifts fine particles and makes it easy to detangle pet hair. The automatic suction setting allows you to adjust the power according to the surface, whether laminate, carpet or hard floors. The 4 suction levels and 3 water levels allow the cleaning system to be adjusted according to the surface: parquet, tiles, carpet, rugs and other types of floors.
  • [Advanced lighting and 3D imaging algorithms] intelligently identify obstacles to avoid dangers and clean autonomously. Automatically recognize the surrounding environment, schedule cleaning of the room or the whole house and ensure that no spots are missed or no cleaning repeated.