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Ultenic D5S Pro - Latest Version

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ULTENIC D5s PRO – 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Designed for animal hair

Gyroscope Navigation Technology

With gyroscope navigation technique with memory, the robot can cover the whole house fully, program the intelligent cleaning path with schedule.

Powerful suction

Improved suction power with Max mode. The maximum suction power is 3000Pa, so it's easy to pick up dust, hair and large debris.

Carpet detection

The device can increase the suction power automatically when it arrives on the carpet. This function can better clean the dust on the carpet

Daily programming

You can choose the days and times you want your vacuum to start its cleaning cycle. Thanks to the application, the device can turn on every day at the chosen time, when you come home, everything is clean

Virtual barrier

You can create the virtual barriers on the app or place the magnetic strip to prevent the robot's access to the places you don't want to clean. For example, the bathroom, the kitchen, the animal bowl, etc.

Practical and efficient

The water tank is included in the original package. After cleaning, you don't need to change the water tank manually. The robot vacuum cleaner can start cleaning and washing at the same time, which saves your time



General Product Information
Product Name ULTENIC D5s Pro - Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Forte
Product Information
Connected object Yes
Type of product Robot vacuum
Color Noir
Specific characteristics Adjustable suction, Bumper, Mat detection, Drop detection, Mapping,
Automatically recharge
Special functions Carpet detection, Vacuuming and washing in one pass, Programmable 7 days a week, Automatic cleaning
, Compatibility with Alexa & Google Home, Remote control, Mapping
Dust collection Dry, Wet, Vacuum and wash in one pass
Cleaning mode Automatic cleaning, cleaning along the wall, targeted cleaning
Collector capacity 500ml dust bin, 3000Pa maximum output, 2600mAh battery
Maximum engine power 3000Pa
Filter type HEPA filter
Type of cleaner Robot
Tank capacity 300ML
Comes with Water tank and 2 wipes
Maximum sound level 60dB
Type of vacuum cleaner General purpose
Solution tank capacity 200ml
Operation area 200 m²
Room navigation Yes
Dust collection on hard floors Yes
Compatible soil type floor, carpet, rug
Power Type Rechargeable batteries
Electric power Maximum power of 3000Pa
Operating autonomy 150 mins
Full charging time 2-4h
Drums Lithium Ion
Battery voltage 14.4V
Operating autonomy 150 mins
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Tools included 1. Robot vacuum cleaner 2. Side brush 3. Cleaning brush 4. HEPA 5. Magnetic strip 6.
Remote control 7. Adapter 8. Dust bin 9. Charging base 10. Manual 11. Mop 12. Water tank
Maximum sound level 60dB
Dimensions and weight
Width 32.5CM
Depth 32.4CM
Height 7.3CM
Weight 2.5kg