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Super Mega Pack Sodastream

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With this sparkling water appliance SPIRIT you can make sparkling water 💧 yourself from tap water in no time.

With this sleek, durable device you no longer have to carry heavy bottles to and from the supermarket. Moreover, with this Mega Pack, you are provided with no less than 3 matching reusable bottles.


1x Terra Sparkling Water Maker

1x Quick Connect CO2 Cylinder

1x 1L Dishwasher safe plastic bottle

Thanks to these reusable bottles, you are aware of the environment: A reusable SodaStream bottle saves an average of 2800 disposable bottles.

Make sparkling water with the touch of a button with SodaStream. Choose from our selection of natural sparkling water flavors to make your favorite soda. 

How do I place the reusable bottle in the click mechanism?

Hold the bottle towards you until it clicks into the furthest inclined position. Place the bottle in the snap-fit ​​mechanism. Move the bottle up and down firmly until it clicks into place.

Gas escapes from my cylinder, how is this possible?

It is possible that gas escapes from the cylinder. If this is the case, we recommend that you remove the cylinder from the appliance and check whether the rubber ring is still in place in the cylinder holder.

SodaStream SPIRIT wins the prestigious 'Red Dot Product Design Award 2017', Red Dot product design is an internationally recognized and highly respected award. This is awarded to a selection of organizations with innovative products. We are proud to announce that SodaStream has won this award thanks to the SPIRIT.

The sparkling water appliance that has won this award has been created to answer consumer demand. A consumer panel looked at what design would be attractive to the consumer. The consumer's choice clearly fell on SPIRIT. Today, design is an important added value for consumers. In a world where sustainability and wellness are becoming increasingly important, we are happy with this recognition as an 'innovator'. In short, the SodaStream SPIRIT represents well-considered style, design and user-friendliness.