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Macaron Designer Chair Dining set of 4

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 Our Macaron chair set offers a combination of exceptional design and high functionality. The base of the chair, which provides stability at all times. The seat, installed on the legs, offers sufficient space for lounging and completes the image thanks to the comfortable backrest. 

The seat is made from a single piece of polycarbonate to create optimal comfort without transitions. The material we used is extremely scratch-resistant and beyond UV resistant.

Our set of 4 chairs not only enriches your dining room with a visual highlight. Thanks to the extraordinary exterior, the range of use of our Macaron chair set not only extends to the living room and the bedroom - but also in your office the chair set is a constant testament to the style. and tasteful, whether at your company conference table or as a place where you can greet your clients.

  • Total dimensions: 45 x 53 x 80 cm (DxWxH)
  • Rounded angles and edges
  • Sturdy, yet lightweight and flexible material for everyday use
  • Excellent seat quality, remarkable design, material insensitive to scratches and UV