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MDM Inflatable Square Laminated Spa

Inflatable square Laminated Spa - 4 people - 1.55 x H 0.65 m

Its reinforced laminated polyester structure will bring you comfort thanks to the flexibility of its fibers perfectly enveloping your body, but also resistance over time to external elements. Its integrated engine guarantees peace of mind and inflates and heats water up to 40 degrees


Type of product Inflatable round spa
Materials Polyester K71
Finishes Completely laminated
Protective treatment Anti-mold
UV protection
Colors) Black and white
Dimensions and weights
Interior dimensions 115 x 65 cm
External dimensions 157 x 67 cm
Capacity / Capacity 650 liters
Height of the water line 0.60 m
Liner thickness 60 mm
Swimming pool features
Installation of the swimming pool Aboveground
Liner Glued laminated walls
Inflatable Yes
Water volume 1.0 m3
Characteristics of maintenance equipment
Type of use Automatic without program
Minimum number of horses required 1.63
Type of cleaning Wet cloth and soap for the walls
Operating cycle Filtration system
Maximum suction flow 1880 liters per hour
Forward speed 1.5 ° per hour
Spa / sauna / hammam features
Insulation Ground sheet
Number of places 4
Number of places 4 places
Number and type of jets 130
Comfort options Floor with 1 cm sponge foam
Water volume 600 l
Technical characteristics
Feed type Electric
Motor power in kW 1.75 kW
Maximum water temperature 40 °
Debit 1880 liters per hour
Supported water volume 600 L