Cat Tree with Lounge Area - My Discount Malta
Cat Tree with Lounge Area - My Discount Malta

Cat Tree with Lounge Area

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 Superior Material Our cat tree built with natural sintered panels and reinforced with slats on the base to ensure overall stability. And anti-tipping accessories are included for a double security

 Protect the furniture and the wall When your cat spoils your furniture with its claws, to avoid the irritating situation, our cat tree solve the problem.

 Rest Place This high-quality cat tree is perfect for your bed or as a resting place, as a toy or as an occasion to heal the clutches. A spacious den is the ideal resting place for your cat.

 Robust Our cat tree has robust sisal for claw maintenance. The natural and solid rope, well resistant to rips and corrosion, satisfy the instincts of your kitten.

 Easy Assembly All components are clearly marked, detailed instructions and tools are also provided, even a novice dela construction can easily assemble these cat furniture


Cats are our most cordial friends, we try to give them the best and they really deserve it. Our cat tree will bring an endless pleasure for cats with multiple and comfortable spaces. This is an apartment, just like a cave for cats, it is a private and safe space for them. When your cats are tired, they can hide and rest without disturbing, this cave can give them a sense of security.

Characteristics :

 A comfortable home to play, take a nap

Selected natural and solid sisal rope

Our cat tree is made of chipboard with high density and superior strength,

Cozy and nice fabric, extra-thick, super nice touch

Our cat tree has strong cardboard tubes, made of compressed and glued cartons

Detailed instructions and tools are also provided

To prevent the cat from damaging your furniture with its sharp claws


Material: chipboard, sisal

Color: dark gray

Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 88 cm (L x W x H)

Weight: 12, 98 kg