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BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss Cotton

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Ergonomic natural rocking bouncer - new design

With the new Bouncer Bliss, your child can rest and play in a cozy place while you shower or cook. By moving his feet and his arms, baby triggers the gentle rocking of the deckchair. You do not need batteries: the child sets the deckchair in motion just for the pleasure of playing! This game also allows the child to develop his motor skills and his sense of balance. The Transat Bliss is suitable from birth to the age of two

Award-winning deckchair with a new design

The gray colored bottom plate and frame soften its appearance. Its single-colored quilted fabric seat brings a feeling of luxury and makes it a pleasant element of your interior.

Foldable and easy to transport

Easily folded flat, the deckchair takes up little space.

Three height positions

Three height positions for play, rest and sleep

How is the Transat Bliss different from the Transat Balance Soft BABYBJÖRN?

The Bliss Transat is suitable for modern interiors with its elegant design and rounded shapes. Its metal frame is in a color matched shade. One of the differences is that the Bliss Transat is offered in a soft, quilted cotton fabric. It is also available in breathable and soft mesh fabric, the seams of which are placed so as not to irritate the baby's fragile skin. Otherwise, all BABYBJÖRN loungers are based on the same design with natural sway, three different heights and an ergonomic fabric seat that conforms to the shape of the child's body. They are all foldable, have a removable fabric that can withstand machine washing and have a long service life, for children 0-2 years old.

Easy to clean

The fabric is easy to remove and machine washable (40 ° C).

Materials intended for children

The bouncer is available in two textile variants: in comfortable quilted cotton or in a lightweight mesh that dries quickly. These materials are free from harmful substances and comply with the Oeko-Tex 100, class 1 standard for products intended for babies.

Long service life

You can use the deckchair from birth (minimum 3.5 kg) until the age of two. Once your child is seated on their own, simply flip the fabric to transform the lounger into a comfortable rocking chair.

Natural rocking stimulates child development

The gentle rocking can be triggered by the child's movements or by yourself. This deckchair works without batteries. The swing allows the child to develop his balance and his motor skills.

Age and weight
From birth to around 2 years of age (minimum 3.5 kg, maximum 13 kg).

• Transat (max. 9 kg): Always use the seat belt. Check that both buttons are buttoned properly. Two choices of position. Stop using the product as a recliner as soon as your child can sit up unaided.
• Chair (max. 13 kg): Use the product as a chair when your child can walk and sit on their own. To convert the product to a chair, you just need to turn the fabric over.

Cotton material : 100% cotton | Mesh: 100% polyester

Tested and approved
All materials are guaranteed to be safe for the fragile skin of children and do not cause allergies. They are free of harmful substances and comply with the requirements of the Oeko-Tex 100, class 1 standard for products intended for babies. For us, this is essential!

The Transat Bliss complies with the requirements of the safety standard EN12790: 2009.

Care instructions
Machine washable at 40 ° C. Wash separately. Preferably use a mild and ecological detergent that does not contain bleaching agents. Do not tumble dry